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Here at Helios Shade we love to work alongside our community. Many of the projects that we embark on come from residential needs such as protection against the harsh rays of the sun and other severe weather. We provide our residential neighbors with patio covers, carports, and pool covers to satisfy their personal needs.



We do our best to maximize our coverage across the nation. We serve as a helping hand to our city clients by proving them with our shade structures. We help in covering city playgrounds, bus stops, and parks from the harmful UV rays of the sun, keeping everyone safe, smiling, and secure from nature’s most extreme conditions.



We not only serve our residential and local communities but also our business neighbors. Our structures are versatile enough to be used in any industry. Our company specializes in creating covered parking for car washes, shaded areas for employee parking, patio covers, and lunch area covers. Helios Shade is here to provide you with any shade solution.

Our Features

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